Born out of a mission to remove single use plastic from the corporate gift industry, we are focused on making the corporate gifting industry more sustainable and giving customers an alternative. We are creating ranges of sustainable merchandise gifts that can be used again, again and again.

Sustainable Merchandise is the first corporate gifting range that is 100% plastic free. Aluminium, cork, concrete and kraft paper is at the heart of our products. Did you know that 75% of aluminium ever produced is still in circulation and recycling / repurposing aluminium uses only 5% of the power needed to produce new aluminium and, no matter what you do with it, the material never degrades?

All our products are produced sustainably, many are made locally, using only recycled or recyclable materials. All our candles are hand poured in Kent using the finest vegan soy waxes. All our seed balls are hand-made in London.

So if you want to start making a difference and help your business move to a more sustainable gifting model – start by sourcing your clients sustainable merchandise that they will appreciate, will make them think and, most importantly, give them the option to use it again, again and again.